Here are 5 Untold and Amazing Facts about Dream

Hi everyone

It’s another brand new week, brand new ideals and new challenge, as always on every Monday afternoon I bring amazing facts to your views just to make your day. So today I thought about “Dreams”

Dreams are believe to be a combination of Imagination, psychological factors and neurological factor. Dream are weird and even though there is studies base on this phenomenon but there are some major things we hardly know, some are pretty freeky while some sound like “so, this is what is happening”

To be honest have a look and learn something new about how and why dream up some of that freeky weird stuff we do and how brain is capable of bringing those vision into our dream while asleep.

Here we go

  1. Will you believe that it is possible to have dream within dreams

Inception-like dreams are actually quite common, and often people have a “false-awakening” when they think it’s time to start the day, but only realise they’re still dreaming after stepping into the bathroom and purple goop starts coming out of the taps.

This also happen to Kids and teens which lead to acts of getting up and walking around while asleep, called “Sleeping Walking”, it’s most common on children usually outgrow it by their teens

  1. Will you believe that no one has ever tell the source of night dream?

According to findings no one has ever tell the source of our night dream. Most dream have meaning, you must have writes down all your dreams in the morning right after sleep they can often tell you about features or can solve solve some life’s problem

To burst your view, Larry Page had the ideal of Google in his sleep

  1. Did you believe that blind people also dream?

If such persona is blind from birth, their dream will only be sounds but if such blind man is blind after birth then such dream will only contain images

  1. Did you believe that no matter intelligent you are, you can’t read while dreaming?

On a very good day people usually mindful of their time. If a you can watch your time and tell the time to yourself this mean you’re not dreaming but one failed to read the time correctly then such person is actually dreaming

Then you ask yourself, why can’t we read while dreaming?

Well, simple answer I fetched is that dreaming and different function part of brain can not work simultaneous
That’s the reason why one can not read while on dream

  1. On the average number of people, we dream at least three times in one night maximum of seven dream within one night

Almost 90% forget their dream home wake up because between five minutes after awaken half of the dream vanished within 90 min for normal dream and almost 30 minutes for Lucid dream ( the moment you realise that you are dreaming

So here are five facts about dream related to human psychology.

As there is no innocent on this, tell us what can you say about this phenomenon and do you usually remember all what you dream about?

While on this, are there human being that doesn’t dream? Question for another day

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