“Hell fire await you” – FFK blasted Sheikh Gumi for saying “Stop killing bandits, they are victims too”

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has slammed Islamic cleric, Sheik Gumi, who reportedly urged the security agencies to stop killing bandits as they are victims. 

Gumi who has been an intermediary between Nigerian government and many bandits group reportedly to have also mentioned that no school is safe until government negotiates with bandits.

While reacting to this comment made by the Islamic Cleric via his Instagram page this morning, FFK wrote:

“Stop killing bandits, they are victims too. No school is safe until Govt. negotiates with them”- Sheik Ahmad Gumi.

Just listen to this heartless defender of child-abductors and cold-blooded killers. He is a dark and wicked soul, a callous Philistine and an unrepentant barbarian.

Every bloodthirsty terrorist and Janjaweed bandit should be brought to justice, exterminated and sent to hell.

Those that speak for them, defend them and attempt to rationalise or justify their barbaric actions like this unconciable and evil creature deserve worse.

Hell-fire awaits you.”

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