Huspuppi was messed up because “he didn’t listen and was stubborn” – Mompha speaks on his former friend’s predicament

Mompha, The former close associate of Abass Ramon popularly known as Hishpuppi has reacted to the plight of his friend who was arrested in the recent year

In an interview with the media personality, Freeze. Mompha, said since Hushpuppi was arrested in Dubai and extradited to the United States of America, Nigerians have been reaching out to threaten him that he’s next.

He added that with the FBI naming DCP Abba Kyari as a co-conspirator with Huspuppi,  Nigerians trooped to his page again to threaten that he’s next.

While reacting to the new action by the FBI, Mompha who used to be good friends with Hushpuppi said many Nigerians do not know how the FBI works.

He said that when the EFCC arrested him over allegations of fraud in 2019 and then re-arrested him in 2020, the FBI interviewed him and they had nothing against him.

On reacting to the plight of Hushpuppi, Mompha said

what “fu**ed him up” was that “he didn’t listen and he’s stubborn.”

So, this life, if something happens to somebody, you’re supposed to use your brain, say, ‘wetin be the next thing? Make I cool down or make I no cool down?”

Watch the video below…

Mompha who has once being arrested by the Economy and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) on Friday, October 18, 2019 at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja as he made to return to the United Arab Emirates follow suspect of fraudulent act and his habit of flaunting wealth and bling acquisitions on social media platforms, especially on Instagram

He was re-arrested on Friday, August 14, 2020, follow an intensive collaborating investigation between EFCC, FBI and other international law enforcement agencies on a slew of internet fraud suspects of Nigerian descent.

He was later discharge and his seized five wristwatches, one Apple Air pod, one iPhone 8 smartphone and one pair of sunglasses were returned to him

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