Former Member house of Rep. Allegedly beets a grandmother till she lost consciousness

Joan mkrapor, a former member house of representatives and currently director general Delta state capital territory development agency, allegedly beats a 68 years old woman till she lost consciousness.

According to the source, Joan Mrakpor accompany by her younger brother just ugbah on Saturday started trailing a young man named Nnamdi who alleges posted something on his social media handle and it’s not favourable to Mrakpor political ambition who recently emerge the flag bearer of people Democratic Party(PDP) on upcoming March 6, 2021 local government election.

However, Mrakpor did not meet Mr. Nnamdi at his resident but meet his grandmother, Mrs. Adaeke Odiaka which she was not further informed before Joan Mrakpor registered a sound slap on her face which makes the old woman lost her consciousness and was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.
It was just few hours after this incident, your of Ubulu Uku take on the street to express their grievances with their placards filled with different content like “End Mrakpor’s Brutality” and so on, according to these youth this is not the first time such incident will happen through Mrakpor.

Reacting to the allegation, Mrakpor said that all this allegation are false and it was motivated by her political enemies
Reacting to the picture, she said,

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