Foodstuffs and Cattle dealers put an end to the ban of supply to the South

The Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria (AUFCDN)  under the control of leadership of foodstuffs and cattle dealers has agree to lift ban on supply of foodstuffs to the Southern part of the country

A youth leader of cattle dealers said this while briefing the newsmen in Kogi state during an ongoing meeting

The league of AUFCDN have reached a consensus today Wednesday 3rd in a meeting with Governor Yahya Bello of Kogi state on the issue of blocking any vehicle conveying foodstuff and cattle to the south, Femi Fani-Kayode also present in the ongoing meeting

Recall a week ago, the leadership of foodstuffs mad cattle dealers under the aegis of AUFCDN commenced banning of supply to the south in a way to rebel against federal government for neglecting them to weigh their situation and addressed their demand

The dealers gave the federal government 7-days ultimatum to look into their demand which includes a N475 billion compensation to their members who lost their life and properties during conflict in Shasha market at Ibadan, Oyo state capital and during #ENDSARS protest which take place in the recent year also demand dismissal of roadblock on federal government highway who they said are addicted of harassing their member and demand for money before they can let them pass, which the federal government failed to look into and lead to the commencement of the blockages

While on this, the blockages has affected both parties as most of dealers are complaining on low patronage for their humongous perishable stuffs such as onions which was sell on a normal day at N35000 has now drastically drop to something a N7000 holder can afford in the North during the ban also on the other side, south also experience an extreme surge in the price of foodstuffs to the extent that some foodstuff price times two their normal price in the market due to scarcity of such commodities

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