First Made-In-Nigeria Helicopter enter assessment stage

The first made-in-Nigeria helicopter as entered an assessment stage as the ministry of Aviation and the country’s dream to introduce the project to every Nigerian before the end of 2021 is coming fulfilment

The Aviation authority affirmed this during a visit to it agencies NASENI Solar Energy Limited where the NASENI Helicopter Hanger and Helipad are housed in Abuja for on-site assessment and evaluation of NASENI Helicopter.

During the visit, the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of NASENI Engr. Mohammad Sani Haruna, who was represented by the Managing Director NASENI Solar Energy Limited, Engr. Dr. Mahmoud Jaffaru, said the agency was ready to accept any suggestions and support from the aviation ministry that would lead to the successful completion of the project within the time frame given to the agency by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Haruna further stated that it was the desire of the agency to manufacture made-in-Nigeria Helicopter that is of international standards and help in boosting the nation’s economy.

“We have expertise for developing the helicopter and we do things according to laid-down rules. We are ready to work with you to achieve this project,” he said.

“NASENI Engineers and technicians have been trained on helicopter assembly, maintenance and repair at Dynali. More engineers will be sent for training including pilots. We are also taking the issue of licencing serious. We are aware that the permit for non-commercial flight must be done before we continue with the process of manufacturing. Our plan is to get the permit before we start. That is why you are here today for the assessment and evaluation of the hanger and Helipad which have arrived and we pray for your timely consideration and approval of the process.”

According to him, the President approved the project on January 26, 2021 and directed NASENI to complete the production of made-in-Nigeria Helicopter before the end of his tenure.

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