Facebook Set To Shut down Its offices Over a Staff Diagnose with Coronavirus

Due to the extreme spreading of COVID-19, the well-known social media, Facebook has gives order to its UK office to shut down until Monday due to sudden and highly infected of an unnamed staff  based in Singapore that traveled  down to their UK office  located at 1 Rathbone Square, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1FB, United Kingdom between 24th to 26th of February

                The giant social media made it known in a statement release that all staff should be working from home and ensure to do proper checkup especially those that have contacted with infected staff should make a self-isolation to avoid rapid spread of the virus.

They said:

“An employee based in our Singapore office who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 visited our London offices February 24-26, 2020,” 

“We are therefore closing our London offices until Monday for deep cleaning and employees are working from home until then.”

We recall that UK has recorded 163 people tested positive out 20,338 isolated people and only one patience die as at 6th of march 

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