Duncan Mighty finally released the audio confession of his estrange wife who is seeking spiritual help on him | Check the audio

The talented singer, Duncan Mighty has finally released not a single this time but an audio confession of his estrange wife whom he accused of infidelity and her family member of an attempt to take his life.

You will recall on February 6th, he posted an accusation of his wife colliding with her family member to inflicted him with an illness In other to inherit his properties. Click here to read more

In the two and half minutes audio video he share on YouTube where her estrange wife, Vivian confess and admitted of seeking spiritual help on Duncan Mighty

According to the voice, she said she was taken to a native doctor by her sister whom she narrate her dream to of seeing Duncan Mighty having an affair with another woman consistently

Meanwhile, she admitted that she had never caught him cheating on her or having affair with another woman

She added that the native doctor whom her sister took her to seek for some item to do some special assignment on her husband (Duncan mighty) not to cheat on her after she said some women are distracting him

This allegations started few months ago after a DNA test revealed that one of their daughter Mitchell is not the singer biological daughter which he letter unveiled the father of the daughter and how every conspiracy against him was started

Listen below

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