Doctor strike: Over 4,500 Doctors flee Nigeria to other counties since President Buhari emerged Aso Rock

Over six years, Not less than 4,500 Doctors reportedly flee Nigeria to seek greener pastures from other countries, especially United Kingdom

Nigeria health sector is experiencing huge declining of trained medical professionals including surgeons due to inability of the federal government to cater for their needs which frustrated some doctors to move to another country

The Senior Medical Officer of the British General Medical Council, Miranda Newey, said even the operational challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has not decreased the demand for test placements from Nigerian doctors.

“The spike in doctors’ migration made us to open a bigger clinical assessment centre to enable us to test more doctors wanting to work in the UK,” she told The Punch.

Since President Muhammadu Buhari has emerged as Nigerian President, the number of Nigerian doctors that passed the tests to practice in the UK steadily increased from 2015 before a slight drop when the pandemic hit last year.

One of the campaign promises to fix and stabilise the health sector has seem turnout to be one of his biggest administration loopholes as the National Association of Resident Doctors (NARD) is currently on strike over the government’s failure to pay outstanding salary arrears, and residency training funds for two years.

Many Nigerian also Incessantly criticised President Bihari for his over 200 days spent on medical leave in London since he was inaugurated in 2015.

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