Hi there, here is my disclaimer for my blog notensionzone.com,

Ha! By the way

What’s even this disclaimer mean??

It’s something important but not intense serious.
Disclaimer means legal information that protect me and my platform as well help you!, yes you, our awesome reader to have a better understanding and a better insight of what I can and can’t offer,
And to explain that information contained on notensionzone.com does not intended to act as best alternatives to any current situation or circumstances you may be
So, now that I’ve sheds light to what disclaimer mean, it’s one of my major objective to completely transparent with you both here and within my website, So, understand me through:


you must have seen some banner(s) within this blog displaying some kind products or services. I want to let you know that most of these banner and links to those product are affiliate link

What are affiliate links??
It’s a passage that when you click on it, it will take you directly to a web page where you can view, review and make order of such product or opt in for such service you have seen on those ads banner
Essentially, after you purchase such product or subscribe to such services, I will earn a little amount which is absolutely at no extra cost to you or your purchase product or service
And I want you to note that I will never recommend any product or service from any manufacturer/producer that I, myself haven’t tested and trust neither will I don’t actually recommend but want to profit anyway.

Trust me, I have a name that I’m responsible for and I won’t like any brand product to come and play a bad game into my gallery
As I stand 100% solely behind any product/service I recommend here also I want you to feel confident that you will be getting values in return

So, here is my affiliate disclaimer, like anything else it would be great if it’s self sustain at least enough to cover some basic like hosting, domain, writing, editing and so on


To every post on this site there is always a comment box provided below it for expressing opinion or perspective of the reader.
Do please note that to every opinion expressed on this website are solely those of the original author and other contributors (i.e. subsequent reply to such opinion)
Those views and opinion do not necessarily reflect those of Oluwatosin (C E O) or notensiozone.com staff

So do please adhere and have a tension free experience of this platform,

to know more about what NTZ can and can’t offer please do visit our terms of use page.