Davido Shares His Experience In The Hands Of Immigration Officers In Dominican Republic Yesterday

Davido’s attainment of superstardom isn’t a hidden knowledge to every music fan alive, the skillful and diligent music man has worked his way up since his debut single; “Back When” 8 years ago.

His hardwork and powerful command of the the music craft is what has made him an artiste that has got shinning stars all around him. His superstardom has even blown out of proportion, flew over the African terrain to the United States and even to the Carribean. This can be found obvious in his latest encounter with the immigration in Dominican Republic.

The singer arrived in Dominican republic yesterday and while he was being checked in, an immigration officer asked him what his occupation is and he replied “superstar,” the officer didn’t doubt as he/she showed a sign of conformity with great smile.

Davido whose latest single; “Risky” is having ‘insane’ effect on the industry took to his Twitter page to share the experience. He wrote; “Just landed in Dominica and the immigration asked me .. “what’s your occupation’ I said SUPERSTAR he said DAMN RIGHT !!!”

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