“You never told your friends the reason we had a fight was because I borrowed you N300K that you don’t want to pay back” – Cynthia Morgan call out her former boss and manager

The Nigerian Dancehall star, Cynthia Morgan has called out her former record label boss, Jude Okoye and former manager Joy Tongo on an issue which made her depart with the record label.

Cynthia Morgan recount her plight with her manager, Joy Tongo on the time she borrowed her N300k. According to her, her former manager never wanted to pay back.

In her call out post, she also claimed that Joy lived in her house for free for a year and always took Jude’s side each time they had an issue because she was “fine with every mess thrown at her all as she already had 50 percent of the recoupment that was supposed to hers”. 

Claiming that she was naive and never read her contract agreement, she accused Joy of bringing it and explaining its original meaning when she challenged her. 

Accusing Joy of being a snake and a witch, Cynthia who stated that she can’t wait to catch some people in real life, added that she thought Jude was ignorant but never knew she (Cynthia) was the ignorant one.

Read her post below…

Sharing a screenshot of 2020 Joy’s statement after she called her and Jude out for allegedly ripping her off, Cynthia wished those supporting them the pain she passed through. 

Although Cynthia acknowledge money spent on her while under her boss and with her manager but On the contrary scene, Cynthia Morgan Recounting how Joy allegedly had nothing when she met her, she further stated that she believed in her former manager even though her family and friends never cared about her dreams and aspirations. 

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