Cristiano Ronaldo gave a steward his jersey after he unfortunately knocks her down with a shot before the game against Young Boys

The football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo has gave an employee of Young Boys football club stadium his jersey after he accidentally knocked her down with a stray shot before the game.

Ronaldo made the gesture on Tuesday night, September 14 ahead of their UEFA champions league clash with Swiss club Young Boys.

When the match finished, instead of swapping shirts with a Young Boys player, the five-time Ballon d’Or looked out for the steward to present her with the jersey as a gift.

Ronaldo while practicing his shots at goal, miscued one of his efforts horribly, and the ball ended up striking the steward who fell to the ground.

 As medical staff checked her and Ronaldo walked over to where she was and talked to her.

Watch below…

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