As the Holy month of Ramadan is here what are the Amazing facts about the month

Ramadan is now in full swing, and while it is a time for celebrating with friends and family, it is also a test in willpower and self-control especially those attitude that is out of our control; Your grumbling stomach and drooping eyelids are reminder enough of the hardships faced by Muslims during Ramadan, and the prospect of no food, water, or tobacco during daylight hours for a full month is enough to make anyone go weak in the knees.

It’s no picnic for those who aren’t fasting either. In fact, a picnic could land you in some pretty serious trouble, depending on where you are. In addition to having to deal with those lead-footed Iftar racers on the highway and cranky, sleep-deprived coworkers in the office, non-fasters also have to adhere to the same fasting practices as their hungry, decaffeinated counterparts, at least in public.
So, today as the month of Ramadan is here with us I want to share some amazing about the holy months

  1. Did you know that fasting can be healthy if done right?

Short burst of fasting in Ramadan can actually help with weight loss and release of endorphin which will improve mental well being as reported by NHS

  1. Did you know that there are penalties for people who break fast in some countries? in some part of the world there are penalties for breaking fast especially if done in public places Breaking the fast in the month if Ramadan is considered a crime some Muslim countries and offenders may be sent to prison, in other countries the offence is punishable by fines as well as community service

For instance in Palestine,
Palestinian punish people who break there fasting with one month in jail or a fine of 15JD the same rule apply to offenders in Jordan where they penalize offenders with month in prison which include a fine of 50JD, but offender can scape through jail time by paying 5JD per day
In United Arab Emirates UAE Muslim fast breakers got jail time and a fine of 200dh ($500) for first timer offenders while in Qatar, offenders slammed with 3000QR ($800) and three month in prison

  1. During Ramadan, Did you believe that Many people gain weight?

Fasting and then feasting upon breaking fast is commonly seen among Muslims with the mindset that by consuming a lot it preserve energy for the next day fast hence the weight gain

4. That bring me to hunger bangs, Did you know that one is not suppose to say I’m hungry while fasting rather kids are though to say “I’m feeling the fast”

  1. Did you know that Ramadan is known as Sawm?
    Sawm is one of the five pillars of Islam, the foundation of Muslim life which also include faith, prayer, charity and at least one pilgrimage to mecca in a lifetime if one is able to

6. Did you know that the word “Ramadan”? Mean dryness or Scorch heat

  1. Fasting time vary thought out the world
    There are 1.6 billion Muslim worldwide but they have vastly different fasting time during Ramadan because it’s follow hours of day light. For instance in Iceland for there are more than 21 hours of daylights while a daily fast in Australia might be only 11 hours
  1. Did you know by 2028 Ramadan will be observe in January?

It is believe that the central text of Islam, the Qur’an was first release to prophet Muhammad during the month of Ramadan which begin and end according to the moon which means Ramadan moves 10 ton11 day forward each year in Gregory calendar

  1. Did you know?

After having drunk 2-4 glasses of water during the early morning (Pre-down) meal going back to sleep is impossible due to having to get up to.elpty the bladder

  1. Did you know that Napping is a common phenomenon during this month?

People usually conserve their energy by providing a distraction from feeling the fast

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