AMAZING FACTS: Did You Know How, When Xmass Is Celebrates In Ethiopia? A Country That Is 7-years Behind The Rest Of The World

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Some out of very few Africa countries that are not colonized by any foreign countries is Ethiopia in East Africa, The ancient country is occupied by 109.2 million people according to the world bank with land mass of 1.104 km2.

As Ethiopia is known as one of countries that are very steeped in culture, most amazing facts about them is that the Julian calendar which is being used by Ethiopian is seven years behind the Gregorian calendar most countries of the world make use of and almost six hours behind the rest of the world.

This must be the main reason why Ethiopian celebrates their Christmas day on January of every year as the 25th of December accepted by the whole world to celebrate the birth of the lord Jesus fall on the 7th of January in Julian calendar.


This is obvious, prior to the Christmas day all pilgrims were to go on 40-days of fasting and prayer where other Christian must join them in the last day of fasting which is on the 6th of January.

Usually the celebration start up in a local orthodox church where a lot of people gathered and hold till late night of Christmas eve, all priest and deacons will wear their various traditional colorful robes with gold and silver accent to perform traditional liturgical singing and chanting.

Most people start up the Christmas day by eating bleary eye congregant with juice made from flax seed while some may prefer “Stew Doro Wot” (spicy chicken).

Interestingly, sharing of gift seems uncommon among Ethiopian during festive but nothing is as important to them as purchasing and wearing of brand new cloth especially for children.

The word “genna” was derived from “gennana” which simply means “imminent” and it’s a reference to the coming of the lord Jesus, Although there is another hockey like game that is named after the word “Genna” which most people play especially during the yuletide season, “Yefferas Suk” is another most captivating but seems dangerous game which played while on horseback and throwing lances to each other.

Surely, you will be wondering that is there any unique things about father Christmas for children

Their Father Christmas dress the way all others dress up and they usually call him “yagena abat” in Amharic language

This is fellow Africa country very steeped in culture and traditions, what facts do you find amazing about them or any other interesting facts you know Ethiopian of, let’s know in the comment section below.

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