4 Amazing facts about world most populous black nation, Nigeria

The most populous black nation in the world with over two hundred million people blessed abundantly with mineral resources and favorable climate.
Nigeria encompass over 200+ different ethnic groups with different norms but funny enough our common goals overwhelmed those differences. Nigerian are well know for their ability to adapt to any situations either good, fair or bad within the shortest time and make into new normal, though I considered it as trait necessary for survival here in Nigeria.


Interesting, isn’t it?

So today, I’m gonna be your tour guide if you have never been in Nigeria and if you are, well let’s say you’re about to learn some amazing facts about Nigeria


  1. That Nigeria is the sixth in the rank of countries by number of internet users in the world?

Data from international telecommunications shows that 136,203,231 Nigerian are using Internet which represent 66.44% of the country’s population, the only Africa country close to it is south Africa sit in 25th with 31,858,027 users represent 56.17% of their population. This indeed a real data as it’s confirmed in the recent year nation wide protest against police excessive force and brutality tagged #Endsars, the protest which started on Twitter involved humongous number of internet users who followed and promoted the hashtags which eventually gained International attention and mount pressure on Nigeria government as at that time

Most Nigerian are now addict to internet especially social media which are used for either good, fair or bad purposes



  1. That Nigeria is the most populous foreign national in the united state of America?

    How is this possible?

If you’re thinking may be it’s because of Nigeria worst situation that led those people their, then you are wrong, though the situation doesn’t far different but I considered it a quit unavoidable one.

In the 17th century/to early 18th first people of ancestry from Nigeria (that’s before we were named Nigeria) were taken away by force as slaves from Calabar, Badagry and so on by English men to the unites state also a lot of Nigerian of Igbo origin were taken to the US in the late 1960s as war refuges during Nigeria civil war,
Though the surge of population of Nigerian in US originated from this unpleasant history but truth have to be stated.


Now!! Let me burst your bubble

  • American community survey estimate that 380,720,85 US resident report Nigerian


  • according to US census said 4% of Nigerian in US are PHd holder which is equivalent to 1% of entire US population of PHd holders


  • 17% of Nigerian in US hold Master degree and 37% hold Bachelor degree


  • Data provided by a university in Texas shows that Nigerian-American fox are the most educated ethnic group in the US


  • Also Data from migration policy institute shows that 70% of black doctor in the United States of America are Nigerian descent


Isn’t these amazing!


  1. Five Nigerian pastors top the rank of richest pastors in African also in top 10 richest pastor in the universe?

Though, religion in Nigeria is a very sensitive issue which many leader always take with emphatic manner because any mess with anyone’s religion may lead to catastrophe even to extent of destruction of public and private properties

Back to the matter, the decision of pastor been extremely wealth is a debate for another century, but for the one we are now, there is a consensus that pastors ought to live a very comfortable and moderate life so that they set a good example for the hope given to the people by their speeches
So here are Nigeria pastors ranking in top ten of richest pastor in the universe

  • David Oyedepo

    (rank second in the world)

He is the prevalence pastor and founder of the Living Faith World outreach ministry, he has an estimate worth $150 million in 2018


  • T.B Joshua        (rank 7th in the world)

Temitope Balogun Joshua founded Synagogue church here in Nigeria in 1987. He is known as most controversial and philanthropy preacher, his net worth $15 Million

  • Mathew Ashimolowo          (rank 8th in the world)


The senior pastor of Kingsway Pentecostal church in the United Kingdom, the Church which was considered largest Pentecostal church in the UK, it’s net worth is $10 million

  • Chris Okotie       (rank 9th in the world)

He founded household of God church, the church which was considered by most Christians as most flamboyant church,

This is because the prevalence pastor himself is a fan of exotic automobiles and fancy stuffs


  1. Nigeria is the spot of highest rate of private jet owner in Africa


While Being wealthy, owning huge asset is pretty cool. In Nigeria there are thousands of multimillionaire and hundreds of billionaire individuals riding private jet to and fro for their business or personal purposes without second thought
As the country is the second fastest growing market in the world having China in first position globally, you can imagine enormous number of successful businesses men and women even clergymen that will own a private jet or more

The Africa business aviation association (AFBAA) estimate that Africa have 600 registered business jet and Nigeria is the home of private jet owner even more than south Africa

Here are four amazing facts about Nigeria I have for you, so I wish you find them amazingly amazing and please do let me know your experience of this country (if you’ve visited here) and as for Nigerian I hope I wrote something worth you reading and learn from
If so do let me know in the comment section below

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