Amazing Fact: Christmas Is Celebrated On January At Ethiopia | Other Fact About Them

Ethiopia is so steeped in tradition that the country has its own calendar which is seven years behind the rest of the world.  Also, by the country’s traditional time piece, Ethiopian is six hours behind the rest of the world.  More interestingly, while the rest of the world celebrated Xmas on December 25, Xmas in Ethiopia is normally celebrated in January.

Old beyond imagination, Ethiopia dates back to the Biblical times with a culture and tradition going back to 3,000 years.  Originally called Abbyssynia, the country is said to be one of the very few African countries that was never colonised in the true sense of it.  This way, it has retained its original tradition and culture which are still well seen in the way of life of Ethiopians.  And like many other African countries, Ethiopia is a multi-ethnic State.  The principal spoken language which is also the official language is Amharic with about 80 other languages and 200 different dialects.

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