Always Be Contented & Grateful, But Never Stop Working Hard & Smart – Don Jazzy Tells Young Adults

Don Jazzy has used his social media platform to inspire every young hustler and the general populace with motivating words.

The Mavin boss took to his Twitter a couple of hours ago to write shortly on contentment and the need to always look to strife for the best even when things seems to be alright. He writes about the need to find balance between contentment and ambition. The Don reveals it is important for one to be grateful and contented…he also reveals that in as much as gratitude is important and contentment paramount, the urge to always work hard to get better results should not be ignored.

He wrote; “Do not let the things you desire make you forget the things you already have. Always stay grateful and contented but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard /smart. Stay contented but keep working hard. Am I communicating?”

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