After 17 years of being together, Paul Okoye’s wife, Anita Okoye filed for divorce

Anita Okoye, wife of Popular Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye (a.k.a Rude boy)  is seeking the dissolution of her 7-year marriage to Rudeboy at a High Court in Abuja, according to a court document.

This come after 17 years together and 7 years of marriage which has so far blessed with 3 children is reportedly coming to an end

Anita Okoye sparked rumour of the breakup again, after she recently deleted her husband’s photos from her Instagram account, @Anitaokoye

She also instructed her now estranged husband to fight the petition in the legal document, which is currently circulating on social media, however, there’s ample evidence that Rudeboy’s lawyer has yet to get a brief in that respect.

Leaked Divorce Documents pictured below…

Anita and Rudeboy, whose love story dates back to their university days at the University of Abuja, are no strangers to the media’s tumultuous coverage of their marital issue, but this time it appears to be more nerve-wracking.

Anita and her kids relocated to the US a few months back.

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