From the saying “punctuality is the soul of business” but nowadays punctuality alone shows not much compare to letting people know/acknowledge about your business, because According Jeff I. Richards, “creative without strategy is called Art. Creative with strategy is called advertising”  

As we are now living in a world where there is fastest grown of technologies and where information travel in a twinkling of an eye among Million of internet users.

This is what makes NTZ comes up with this masterpiece plan which gives and enable small scales, medium and large entrepreneur an ample opportunity to get there products, services and events known by thousands of our users across Nigeria and the world

We run this in varieties ways depend on your preference which include:

  • SPONSORED POST: Here, we will select some out of our daily post which are comply and completely related to your products, services or events you wish to promote, where we will tag your business banners displaying something people need to know about and how they can get such products, or your services by showing the kind of things you are doing and how you can render the services to people, or events where the banner will be displaying schedule, venue and all the needful to know. All the needful i.e design of banner, presentation and finally getting them promoted are all left to us, Yours is to notify us of your interest by sending us mail through the mail address provided below  and see how a trier will convince you
  • UNIVERSAL DISPLAYING: This is the most recommended choice, this is because, designed banner with adequate size, format and well-arranged content will not only be seen in the home page but also throughout the whole website, even to all pages which indirectly mean not a single of our dear users will unable to know little or much about your products, services or events, which may probably lead your brand to a breakthrough and lessen the burden of getting marketer or hassle of selling them.
  • SPECIAL POST : Here, After giving us a concise and clear information/statement about your products, services or events, then we will make use of our passion of creating second to none and unbiased article to state your products, services or events to convince our users why they should patronize/invest in your brand rather than others, benefit they will have access to if patronized and finally how they will order for such products or how they will reach you
  • FLASH VIDEO/AUDIO: Image is unique and exceptional, perception is everything about business, using this method will be a great opportunity to let people believe even have trust in your products or services despite of not seen the owner, because according to the saying “seeing is believing”. Here sufficient information is easily revealed to any user wishes to patronize or need your services and it’s a best way to convince people

Stated above are the distinct with excellent features way of placing your ads on notensionzone, Some people wondering that it will surely cost a lot to place their ads on our platform, but fortunately the good news is that every single categories way of placing ads stated above are offer just for free!!, yes it’s free off charge even to the process of ads banner design, no commission or any other forms of monetary is attach as long as your products, services or events are up to standard, genuine, viable and completely comply with our policy of placing ads on our platform. Take a brilliant step today and contact us by send us mail through [email protected] or

Call us/Whatsapp : 08140265926