Abductors threatened to starve Kagara school children and staff to death if Ransome not paid

The abductor of student and staff of the government science college, Kagara, Niger state have threatened to starve them to death of Ransome did not get paid

The abductor who speaks in Hausa was heard conversing with their negotiator in an audio delivered by the prominent Islamic Cleric Sheikh Gumi and receive by punch news correspondent

The bandits said it would be difficult for them to continue feeding the 27 student and 25 school worker abducted as it’s only water remain for them adding that if anyone of them lost his/her life they will tell the location to get the corpse

The bandit stated,

“I don’t have food for them. If anybody dies among them, we will tell you where to go and pick the corpse.

“You know these children are hungry. I don’t have food to give them, only water if they are going to die, let them die.”

The negotiator also stated that they are fully aware of security personnel being deploy to every forest in Kagara and he gave them assurance that they can not succeed in rescue those children unless they paid for the Ransome demand

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