A Nigerian lady narrates how Police officer sympathized and help her when her car broke-down and took nothing from her 

According to the saying “People’s character is their behaviour” – we’re all capable of being good and evil. This came to mind after A Nigerian lady narrated how police officers helped her after her car broke down in Lagos. 

The young lady who tweeted @calabarberry

Described the police as good police officers started that the police completely helped her in fixing her car which they later noticed that her ”fan” was not working.

The lady further revealed that they took nothing from her and were ”sympathizing with her.” even though were still on duty

Her story contradict with many Nigerian’s mindset about Nigerian police in the comment section as many said the officers help her because it’s female gender while some say may be they are not in perfect place to seek for something, others says there are still some good egg among police officers

What’s your take on this?… We’ll love to hear from you

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