A lady weeping and pleading for interested men, tall or short, fine or ugly to marry her as she waived from being a Feminist in a video

A video of a woman going viral on social media capture the scene she’s pleading endlessly for any interested man regardless of how he look like to come and marry her

The young lady who is craving for the presence of men in her life have spent years being a feminist to the extent that no man approach her for relationship again according to her.

From what she said, she came to realised the essence of men in life of every women after she sees many of her female friends happily married and blessed with kids

Crying, she begged for interested men to send her a DM and said she does not care if he’s rich, poor, handsome, or ugly, as long as he’s a man and breathing.

She promised that if any man proposes to her, she’ll marry him immediately, do everything for him, wash his clothes and be submissive.

Watch her confessing  below…

Being a feminist simply refer an advocate which argues that legal and social restrictions on women must be removed in order to bring about equality of the sexes in all aspects of public and private life.

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