A diehard fan of President Buhari in Katsina threw ram party to celebrate his return from the UK

A diehards fan of President Muhammadu Buhari threw a ram party in Katsina to celebrate his return from the United Kingdom

A young man identified as Abubakar Rabiu well known by many people as “Abu Albarka” hosted a party to celebrates the return of Buhari at popular restaurant opposite the takeoff site of the Federal University Dustin-Ma on Friday, April 16.

Rabiu who is well known for his staunch support for Buhari, has made it a culture to slaughter rams and throw party every time the president return home from abroad, especially on a medical trip. The latest one is said to be his 8th party. 

The party was attended by other diehards fans of President Buhari in Kastina state, who eat iftar together and prayed for the unity and progress of Nigeria as well as Buhari’s health.

“This time about 40 people attended the feast to break their fast. This is the least number of participants we have, probably due to Ramadan fast, the last we had was about 300 participants,” Rabiu said. 

Rabiu also maintained that President Buhari is the best thing to happen to Nigeria especially in this trying time of economy and insecurity.

He urged Nigerians to ardently pray for Nigeria and its leaders for peace, unity and progress.

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