A businessman recount how he dash a young lady half a million for her attitude after his car splashed water on her

A Nigerian fashion designer has been blessed unexpectedly with half a million by a business man who his car mistakenly splashed water on her while walking by the roadside

The businessman, identified as Marksman Chinedu Ijiomah, shared the story on Facebook, he said he was driving then one of the cars on his entourage splashed water on the lady who was walking on the road. 

According to Chinedu, the calm disposition of the fashion designer despite having dirty water splashed on her made him decide to gift her the cash.

”Today, on our way back from the day’s business, one of the protocol cars mistakenly splashed water on a young lady who was walking by. I am often alert and so when I observed her actions, I needed to apologise.

Unlike what a lot of people would do, the young lady did not scream or curse at our cars . She cleaned herself up without a word and walked on.

This act of calmness in the face of such chaos and disruption called my attention.

Immediately, I instructed the cars to park and I called the young lady to apologize on behalf of my team. Of course, when she came, we apologized to her as much as words could convey and I asked her what she did for a living and when she said she was a fashion designer, we thought of the best way to assist her and eventually signed a cheque of half a million naira (500k) to her.

I dislike conducts that put others in uneasy places and I never encourage it. But the calmness that this lady exhibited was truly profound and I couldn’t ignore it.

May our conducts in the face of uneasy situations enable others have a rethink. May it teach others important lessons about life.”

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