A 20-year-old “bloodthirsty vampire” man well known of socking blood nabbed after killing 10 people

A 20-year-old old man bluntly described as “bloodthirsty vampire” has been been apprehended by the Kenyan police on Thursday after he grisly murders at least 10 children.

The man identified as Masten Milimo Wanjala was arrested over the disappearance of two children but in a chilling confession, admitted to killing many more, police said.

The 20-year-old took officers to the site where he had dumped their bodies in a forested area of the capital, and confessed to the cold-blooded killing of at least 10 teenagers, they said.

His arrest which was described by Police as “major breakthrough” in an investigation into a spate of disturbing child disappearances in Kenya — almost two a day in recent weeks, according to police data.

The police said

“Wanjala single-handedly massacred his victims in the most callous manner, sometimes through sucking blood from their veins before executing them,” the Directorate of Criminal Investigations said on Twitter late Wednesday, describing him as a “bloodthirsty vampire.”

A Nairobi court ordered to be held in custody for 30 days to give police more time to investigate the case.

The murders, targeting 12- and 13-year-olds, stretch back five years. His victims were drugged and drained of their blood and some of them strangled, police said.

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