5 Scary Facts about Africa | Most African did not even Aware of

Hi everyone

It’s another beautiful Monday afternoon where I usually serves you Amazing facts about any place, animal, person, countries and so on
So today I have some really amazing fact about Africa and some places within

Africa is a continent as such it encompasses many culture, they are ranged from Hunter gathers to Nilotic east Africa pastoralist to a range of hunters, Agriculturalist farmers and herders, there is nothing like one when it’s come to African culture. There are many may be some may sound strange, I said strange? some may seems fascinating and you may find some so disturbing

So, today I’m going to grill all above mentioned for you which you may find Damn amazing and as well as scary, so let’s move

    It’s really scary when learnt that many people registered this into their memory especially non-African, this sounds pretty cool anyway, for a continent where countries are well closed to one another, where one African countries will be bordered with at least 3 countries which may seems and may be considered as one big nation But that is actually not true, Africa is a whole continent which consist 54 countries according to United Nation and are just 42Km distance from Europe
  1. Would you believe that there is snow rain in Africa specifically in north Africa, Many people don’t know this even African themselves
    This may sounds like ad-hoc story but actually true, whenever people from east, west and Southern part of Africa spotted a videos or pictures like those below especially during Yuletide seasons 99.9% believed that it is shot in Europe or America continent as where snow rain commonly take place but to burst your view snow rain actually occur in some part of North Africa countries like Tunisia, Algeria Egypt and so on
    Here are some
somewhere in Tunisia

  1. Would you believe that the world second hottest place in the world is actually Kebili in Tunisia?
    Surprisingly, as some part of the country experiences snow fall during winter some part also experience damned hot especially during summer
    Kebili desert town is known for it quality dates, which obviously don’t mind the average temperature high above 40°C during summer, the highest temperatures in Kabili desert on record is a whopping 55°C which reportedly hit in July 1931
    The hottest place on earth is Death Valley, California, USA also regarded as Furnace Greek which currently hold the record for the hottest place with air temperature ever recorded
Kalini desert, Tunisia

  1. Grace Machel was the only woman in the modern history to have serve as First Lady of two different countries, Mozambique and South Africa. Interesting!
    Graca Machel is a Mozambican politician and Humanitarian who first became First Lady of Mozambique during Samora regime between November 11 1975 which end in October 19 1986 and later become first Lady of South Africa during Nelson Mandela reigning between 18 July 1998 and end in 14 June 1999
Graca Machel with former president Samora of Mozambique 1975
Graca Machel with late Nelson Mandela
  1. Would you believe that most dangerous city in Africa is actually Cape Town, South Africa
    Cape Town, South Africa is considered most dangerous and murderous city in the world by death toll, recent research show that in 2019 out of 4,488,545 people living in the city 3,065 get murdered in one or two ways and out of the cities present in the list of most dangerous city in the universe South Africa takes four countries which are Cape Town, Mandela Bay, Durban and Johannesburg

NOTE: this is not intended to paint the country with faulty brush but based on the facts made from figures

So here are top five scary facts about Africa, are there any facts you wish to profile on? Kindly drop it in the comment section below


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