20 Million Nigeria are at risk of joining poverty rank by 2022 – World Bank

The world bank estimate shows that 15 million to 20 Million Nigerians will join existing poverty rank by 2022

This was revealed in a virtual meeting held on Tuesday February 2nd tagged ” 2021 Macroeconomic outlook of the Nigeria Economic Summit Group” where the chairman of the presidential advisory council, Doyin Salami said Nigeria need to start implementation of valid economic reform in other to revive the downward slope of the Nigeria economic

In the meeting world bank senior economist, Gloria Joseph Raji said the ongoing pandemic ravaging the world hit Nigeria economy so hard which led to the country’s second and deepest recession within five years after 1980s experience adding that Nigeria government need to start adding values to New and existing policies in other to make the environment favourable for small scale and medium businesses

she said

Talking of poverty,

how can one know if he/she is living in poverty

According to United nation, poverty line a monetary barrier under which individual is considered to be living in poverty

Generally UN considered any individual earning below $1.90 per day as someone living in poverty

However, this does not include access to sanitation water and electricity but solely based on value of goods needed to sustain one adult

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