2 Million people were able to obtain their NIN in the last one month as registration end today

The National Identity management commission NIMC says two million people were able to registered and given national identity number in the last one month extension made by government

Recall, on December 15th 2020 Federal Government made an announcement that registration for NIN will close on December 30 2020,but follow the wide spread opposition from humongous number of people that are yet to get their NIN, The FG extend the closing date to January 19th 2021 for subscriber with valid NIN and six weeks extension for subscribers without NIN which will end on February 9th added that any subscriber without valid NIN before closing date will be disconnected from service provider

Speak with punch news correspondent, Operator from NIMC in the telecommunications sector, he said about 43 Million Nation Identity Number have been submitted by telecommunications companies to NIMC for proper verification in other to have them registered with their respective subscriber identification

He added that Sims with unlinked that have been submitted will not be disconnected

He also noted that till today January 19 which is the closing date for registration no extension of date have been made

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