15 Amazing Facts about Psychology you hardly come about

In this life, whatever you want, you can think of. Whatever you can think of, you can try, and whatever you choose to try depend exactly what you need. This saying shows that human psychology is literally justify in loop

Hi everyone.

It’s another Monday afternoon here, as always, I’m about to dish out some major facts and today I dive into explanation why we are the way we are because the way we are will sure justify our psychological level

Most people may be wondering and ask themselves “why I do feel this way” “why am I acting like this” “what has came to me” and so on this is because the way our mind function has a perfects correlation with the way we are, things we do and how we react. It’s really amazing on how every unique mind at different level function similarly

So, here are 15 Amazing facts about psychology which is quite related to Human Emotion

  1. Psychology says Not having enough sleep per day leads to a desire for sex, depression and Alcoholism

  1. Research shows that if you announce your goals to others, you’re less likely to succeed due to lose motivation
  2. Psychology said it is highly possible to die from broken heart
    And when talking of broken hearth, ladies are more endangered than men because men are more of logic than emotion. Sickness resulted from hearth broken is called “stress cardiomyopathy”
  3. Research shows that smarter people usually underestimate themselves, meanwhile ignorant people always feel they are brilliant
  4. Psychological proven, it’s only takes 4 minutes to fall in love
    Love at foresight lies within 4 minutes
  5. Research proven that women with higher IQ always have hard time when finding mate
  6. Psychology shows that the harder or longer you hide your feelings for someone the more you fall for such person
  7. Would you believe that comedian and funny people are actually more in depression than others?
  8. A Textravert is a person who is highly expressive and funny in text but shy when you meet in person
  9. Psychology shows that when a person cries, if the first drop of tears come from the right eye, it’s happiness cry. But if the first drop come from left eye than such cry come out of frustration
  10. Research shows that 80% of people keep their feelings to themselves because they believe it’s hard for other to understand their pain
  11. Psychology says people who give best advise are usually with the most problem.
  1. The smarter a person is, the faster the person think and the sloppier the handwritten is
  2. Listen to high-frequency Music makes one feel calm, relaxed and happier
  3. Recent research shows that marrying your best friend eliminate the risk of divorce at 70% and such marriage is more likely to last very longer with sound happiness

Here are the 15 Amazing facts about psychology according to research
So, do let me know any of this facts you really find so interesting

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