10 Mind-blowing facts about the English language

Hi everyone

It’s another beautiful and amazing Monday afternoon where I usually serves you Amazing and fun fact, according to the saying “Curiosity killed cat” but you know what? “Satisfaction brought it back” so is my case.
So satisfaction brought me back today with a lot of unknown facts about English language

English language is considered as one of the easiest language to learn and understand and people who learnt this language are well proficient.
In Nigeria we have British standard English language speakers as well as Correct Nigerian standard Pidgin English which was made from broken speaking English combined with some local language especially from Yoruba, and a special one which is called “Pinglish” E shock you?

Pinglish sit on the fence, It’s actually combination of English language and Pidgin, so you can see that every existences originate from somewhere.
So today I want to share some fun and educative facts about English language

Would you believe that:

  • OVER MORROW in English is actually mean the day after tomorrow?
    People don’t commonly use this word but funny enough, it exist

  • English language is the second most speaking language in the whole world? The mandarin language of Chinese lead with over 1.1 billion speakers while English follow with 983 Million

  • English is not actually the official language of United state of America?
    Many other language are spoken in the United States basically, language brought to the country by colonist. Although English language (America English) is widely speaking In the state but till today US have no official language.

  • The longest word in English language is Pneumonoultralmicroscopicsolicovolcanoconiosis, a 45 letters words which is refer to a type of lung disease contracted from the inhalation of very tiny silica particles. Honestly one should not contract this diseases, imagine how will one say what is actually worrying him/her

  • STARTLING is the only nine letters words in English Language where removing a letter at a time will still yield another words with another meaning. CONFIRMED IT BELOW

  • Most average adult English language speakers know between 20,000 to 30,000 words.

  • Any words an adult knows have a life span between 1000 to 20,000 years, most commonly use word tend to last longer with such adult

  • Despite 1.1 billion speakers of Mandarin language in China, China has more English speakers than even United States

  • As far as new words is concerned
    A new word is created every 78minutes which directly mean 14.7 words a day. Interesting!

No wonder, Nigeria words like buka, okada, tokunbo, chop-chop, danfo, guber, K-leg, mama put, next tomorrow, non-indigene and so on found their way into oxford dictionary.

  • In English language SWIMS is the only word which when flip vertically or horizontally will still retain it meaning

As there is no egg in eggplant either no ham in Hamburger also there nothing more fun than knowing some amazing facts about second most speaking language in the universe

How do you see all these and which one amazed you most. Let me know through the comment section down below

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